Christmas Gift Tag Boxes – Useful gift giving this festive season

Christmas Gift Tag Boxes

Are you looking for pretty & attractive ways to give gifts this season? 

Are you feed up with giving teachers & neighbours the same chocolates year after year?

If you answered yes to either then you’ve come to the right place. 

Like a lot of people at Christmas my budget only stretches so far & while I’d love to be able to give great big gifts to everyone that I know, it’s just not feasible. As a result I find I often resort to buying the same boxes of chocolates as everyone else, year after year…& let’s be honest by the time you’ve received 30 plus boxes of chocolates (I’m thinking of teachers & child care workers here) you’d probably be grateful for something else, no matter how small it is.

So I’ve come up with these Christmas Gift Tag boxes, not only are they not all about chocolate (although you could put some in them) they actually contain a set of handmade Christmas themed gift tags, & who doesn’t need gift tags at this time of year? Talk about  thoughtful & useful gift giving this festive season, add in that it’s budget friendly & surely this idea has to be a winner!!

Now given that I had already made my gift tags before I’d created the box, I was in a bit of a pickle…I needed to find a box making template that had the dimensions I needed to fit the gift tags inside, while still being attractive & robust.

After lots of fruitless searching & trying to make my own template, I called in a professional….let me introduce you to my lovely husband. Now my other half is one of those men who are super handy around the house, there’s very little that he can’t fix or build from scratch himself. He also happens to be an engineer, which means he totally got it when I said that I wanted everything to be nice & strong & stable.

So I gave him some sheets of reflex/copy paper, my gift tags & the dimensions that I wanted the box to be….& then I left the room, because it’s better for both of us if I don’t hover & ask what about this or that before he’s had a chance to finish.

I think you’ll agree that he did a super job coming up with a template & now I have a sliding matchbox style box, that my gift tags fit perfectly into

… there’s still room for a little bit of chocolate…old habits die hard.

Even better, I’ve made a box  for each of the ladies that have booked into this weeks gift tag making classes. So they can either keep their tags for themselves or give them as a gift to someone this Christmas. I even made the embellishments removable so that if they do decide to use the gift tags themselves, they can re-purpose the box for something else.

Much Love, K xo

If you’d like to create these boxes for yourself, you’ll need the following items:


Here’s what the finished gift tags will look like. Pretty hey!

Christmas Gift Tags using the Merry Little Labels Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up!




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