Simply Stunning Stamping – You can do it too!

Psst! Over here! I’ve got a secret to share with you…..but you’ll have to come just a little bit closer to find out what it is…….Ok, are you ready? Yes?! Excellent!

The secret is that I can teach YOU how to make THIS!!!…….I know it’s pretty cool, right!

18.05.2017 Eastern Palace 02

Now you might be a bit sceptical at first, I get that……. I was the same my first time.

In fact most people are. It’s perfectly normal to have some hesitation & doubt. I mean if you’ve never even held a stamp in your hand before, it’s hard to imagine that you can create something that looks like this. But you really, truly can! All you need to do is believe in yourself & put just enough trust in me, to let me guide you through the process…..oh & breathe, that’s super duper important.

Why am I so confident that I can help you to make a card just like this one? Because that’s my speciality. I run regular FUN card making classes for adults, from my beautiful home each & every month. I hold school holiday Mother & Daughter Classes, & if that’s not enough, I also work with young school aged children, in a child care environment, doing you guessed it…craft!!

18.05.2017 Eastern Palace 01

I keep things simple & easy to remember, by taking you through each card, step by step. I pre cut & score all the card bases (that’s the bit that opens like book) & I make sure that I only use Stampin’ Up! products, as they coordinate perfectly, each & every time. The rest is just like a game of “Follow the Leader” or “Simon Says”, I show you how to do it, while explaining what I’m doing, then it’s your turn. Next step, I show & tell you, then it’s your turn. If you run into trouble I’m right there to help….& here’s a Top Tip..there are 2 sides to each piece of paper/cardstock, so we can just flip it over & start again if necessary.

My classes are usually limited to a maximum of 6 people at a time. Sure, I could have more people in a class; However I’d rather have a smaller, more intimate class, so that I really can, give you some hands on assistance, should you need it.

14.05.2017 Eatern Palace Colour Combo 04

Remember everyone had to start somewhere, even me. So I know that you can do it too!

Here’s one more thing that I think is helpful to know…..Crafting is the best way to meet new friends…even for super shy people.


Because it’s not actually about talking (well it is for me, but that’s different).

No one is ever going to think you’re rude if you don’t talk during a card making class…they are going to think you are listening, & concentrating on your cards. Yes they might chatter on & laugh at each other, or me if I do something silly…but that’s ok. You can join in the chat & the banter as much or as little as you like. I’ll even sit you near me, so I can help you out, without making a big deal out of it. The other thing you can do is to bring a friend along with you…and who know’s, they might be eternally grateful to you, for introducing them, to their new favourite pastime 🙂

So let’s make this easy, let’s stop saying maybe….& start saying YES! 

Yes! I want to come along to a class!

Yes! I might be a beginner, but hey life is short, so I may as well have some fun!

Yes! I might already be a stamper but I’d like to meet new people!

Yes! I can do it!

Yes! I will do it!

Yes! That’s the spirit I like to see!

So now you need to find out more about:

When my classes are on: Click Here to see my current schedule. If you can’t find a date that suits you, talk to me about alternate dates/times.

How to book in: All the details will be yours by Clicking Here.

How to contact me: I don’t bite, I promise. In fact I’m actually a little bit shy. So choose which way best suits you & ….

Click here to get in touch with me via Facebook Messenger:

Or you can send an email to:

I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

Much Love, K xo

July Eastern Palace Class 03

Product List:

Eastern Beauty Photopolymer Stamp Set
Eastern Beauty Photopolymer Stamp Set
Whisper White A4 Thick Cardstock
Whisper White Thick A4 Cardstock


Flirty Flamingo Classic Stampin' Pad
Flirty Flamingo Ink Pad
Melon Mambo Classic Stampin' Pad
Melon Mambo Ink Pad
Lemon Lime Twist Classic Stampin' Pad
Lemon Lime Twist Ink Pad
Pool Party Classic Stampin' Pad
Pool Party Ink Pad
So Saffron Classic Stampin' Pad
So Saffron Ink Pad


0 thoughts on “Simply Stunning Stamping – You can do it too!

  1. Love love the heart made with Sheltering tree! I have to say this stamp set is the most versatile one I keep using…I have made trees for every season. Just made one that looked like cherry blossoms and another for fall making leaves in Cajun craze. It’s a Must- Have. So many sets I use once and that’s it…but not this one! Your cards are so creative. I bet your classes are a blast !!!! If only I were’n’t in New Orleans, Louisiana, I would go for sure!!!! You are a rare treat to follow. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and talent!

    1. Thank you Reneandjet you are just too sweet for words. It would be lovely to meet you in person, kinda hard with an ocean between us, but who knows what the future holds 😊.
      As for the card its a pretty cool idea!! I love to take credit for the idea, however I CASE’d it from last years annual catalogue, it was so pretty I couldn’t resist. The Sheltering Tree stamp set was on my wish list for about a year before I purchased it. I’m so glad I did & just like you, I’ve made lots of different trees, usually with a seasonal feel to them 😊. I also like the bicycle, it makes a great pattern when stamped repeatedly, which is fantastic for boy cards 😍. Now because its such a versatile set I recently pulled it out & used the flowers & “leaves” with the Beautiful You stamp set…. I haven’t blogged that card yet. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon, I enjoy sharing what I do, but it’s even nicer knowing I’m sharing with lovely like minded people like yourself. Xo

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