Better late, then never…..

Better late then never or so the saying goes….well that’s been the case with this card anyway.

17.05.2017 This Little Piggy 02
This Little Piggy card.

My super understanding mum has been waiting on this (her Mother’s Day) card for over a month now. I know that’s terrible right!!

Why was it so late in getting to her….well I hadn’t even made it when Mother’s Day rolled around back in May; In fact a case of “Man Flu & subsequent Man Flu brain” was taking over my household & hence things got put on the back burner.

Once the “Man Flu” had passed I did find some time to make this card, but didn’t have time to take nice pics to share with you, & soooo, another few days passed by.

Somewhere, somehow, I did manage to take a couple of pretty pics, but soon realised that I didn’t have any postage stamps left, so I couldn’t actually post it. I then made the silly mistake of making a mental note, to get myself some stamps. Which I promptly forgot to do each time I was at the shops….I really should start making myself actual notes for the shops.

So before I knew it, the calendar was saying I was in late May (along the way I had managed to turn 40!!). My mind was a little preoccupied with getting ready to head off on my yearly crafty weekend away. I always go to the May retreat run by Dizzy Izzy Scrapbooking, it’s held in Stanwell Tops. I was also a little busier than usual, when it came to getting ready. As I was asked to be a guest teacher at this years retreat (pretty cool gig, huh!).

And so it is, that the month of May has been & gone; And yet my poor mum’s, Mother’s card is still, sitting here…. in my house…. unposted…… Sad face.

17.05.2017 This Little Piggy 01

Soooo, just what am I going to do about that?

Are you wondering if…

I’m the kind of daughter who might let it slide, & hope that my mum doesn’t notice?

(Who am I kidding…. mum’s notice everything!!)


Am I the kind of daughter who know’s, that no matter how late my card is in arriving, it’s always better late, then never…

If you picked option two, Thank You!!

I do believe that late is better, then never. So my mum will be getting this card, very soon.

How soon?


I’m not going to rely on myself to post it to her anymore…..nope, I’m not!! She’d probably end up getting it sometime in late June if I did that. (FYI, I now have postage stamps! hooray!!).

Instead, I’m actually going to drive all the way down the coast (4hrs away) & hand deliver it to her, along with a big hug  & an apology sometime over the weekend.

Now of course if my mum is reading this (& she probably is, because she’s a great mum), she will now be aware of my plan, & it won’t be a surprise anymore. I have a feeling though, that the surprise doesn’t matter as much, as knowing that she’s going to be seeing me soon ;-). Love you mum!

So tell me….are you good at getting things in the post on time? Or, are you a bit like me?

Much Love, K xo

P.S. I’m going to hope that she LOVES this card like crazy, & that it was worth the wait.

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0 thoughts on “Better late, then never…..

  1. Your posts just brighten my day with your humor and encouragement…I wish I could hop on a plane for your classes! A quick question (sorry if it’s a “duh” one!) How did you do that ribbon in the top right corner. I hate making bows and this looks so cute….

    1. Oh my goodness reneandjet… what a truly beautiful comment & compliment. You have touched my heart & made me smile. Thank you so much 😍😘😘.
      As for the ribbon detail it’s actually an off cut (I feel so guilty throwing ribbon away) from another project. I simply folded/looped it in half & tied it with the linen thread to hold it in place. I then trimmed up the ends with my nice sharp paper snips to make it pretty 😊. I hope that helps, let me know if you’d like a couple of pics of how I do it, & I’ll take some & add them to the end of this blog post. Sending love, hugs & smiles your way xo

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