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So today is my Wedding Anniversary!! My lovely husband & I are celebrating 17 years of being married to each other….well we will be celebrating when he gets home from work, but only if the kids are behaving, & we aren’t playing referee to their squabbles. I know that many of you will know how it goes…..you’ve plans for your evening….yes!! You get excited…shave your legs…..but wait you forgot…..you’ve got kids……forget your plans……it’s a special occasion…. which means your kids “special occasion radar” will be on high alert & go off causing a complete & utter meltdown…. which will consume you’re entire evening or at least your energy reserves… which will leave you wanting to put your pj’s on & drinking straight from the bottle….maybe the last part is just me…oops!

Anyway, I live in hope that our evening will be ok, & in honour of our anniversary I got out a NEW stamp set (that he bought me) & made a card just for him :-)..

Day at the Beach Stamp Set – Stampin’ Up!



It’s happy & bright, just like him. He brings the sunshine & the laughs to my day (most of the time at least).

Much Love, K xo

PS: Did you know that the Day at the Beach Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up! is ONLY available if you live in the South Pacific Region (that’s us Australia!!, as well as a few other countries too). You can find the Day at the Beach Stamp Set in the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalogue on page 44. If you open your copy of the catalogue you’ll see that I pretty much CASE’d (copied) the card straight from the photo…that’s totally ok to do, we all need a little inspiration somedays ;-).


If you would like a copy of the current Holiday Catalogue & live in Australia, I’d love to send you a complimentary copy. Please send me an email with your postal address & I’ll get one to you asap. Email: KatrinaDuffell@outlook.com.au

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  1. I absolutely love what you’ve done with this stamp set. And now we can order it in the United States! Yay Stampin’ Up!

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