Stampin’ Up! Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love a little bit of cake every now & then?!! I know that when I bake a chocolate cake at home, that I’d better get in quickly if I want to enjoy a piece. My husband & 2 boys are like lighting when it comes to demolishing a cake (or any baked items for that matter).

2016.08.26 Cake with icing sugar 2

This cake got lucky though….I made it for the school fete & I managed to get it up there, before anyone else could take a bite out of it.

So what has THIS particular chocolate cake got to do with Stampin’ Up!?

Well let me start by saying that  this was a flourless chocolate cake &  it isn’t supposed to have any icing (that’s  frosting for anyone who’s not Aussie) on the top. As I was making it to be sold at the Cake stall at the school fete, I wanted to make it look a little “fancy schmancy”. I mean imagine the embarrassment if your cake was sitting there all alone at the end of the day ;-).

So I got out the icing sugar mixture, sieve & a spoon, now ARE YOU READY??

Here’s the COOL PART…….I also grabbed a Stampin’ Up! Decorative Mask from my craft room to use as stencil!!

I KNOW!! Rad idea, right!!!

All I did to make a “fancy schmancy” pattern on my cake was to shake icing sugar over my cake so that it went through the spaces in my decorative mask… It’s as easy as pie (well cake, but you know what I mean).

What happened to my Stampin’ Up! decorative mask? Nothing! I just picked it up off my cake carefully, so that I didn’t ruin the pretty pattern & I washed it off under the tap in the kitchen. Voila!!! One cake ready to go & one decorative mask ready to be returned to my craft room.

Hope you enjoyed my tip on other ways to use your Stampin’ Up! products.

Much Love K xo

Why not add one of the current Stampin’ Up! decorative masks to your next order?! With Christmas coming & gift giving getting underway, it’d be a fab present for the baker in your life :-).

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